Friday, April 13, 2012

It's been a month for boo-boos

Lily is going through another growth spurt again, and this one comes with lots of boo-boos.

First of all, at her big 2nd birthday party with her cousin Rhys who was born just 2 days after her, (which was over a month ago btw), she got herself a big old goose egg the size of a golf ball on her forehead right as we were packing up the car, due mostly to her just being overly tired since she was unable to nap that day. After that finally started to completely clear up, she had another birthday party-related mishap after her other cousin's bday party and took a topple down the stairs. Luckily, she landed on the soft, cushy, yoga mat I leave at the foot of said stairs for just in case something like that were to happen, and she did not even suffer a single bruise or bump.

Now for some pictures to help lighten mood...

Lily's double chocolate cake made by Nanny

Cousins :)

Pin-the-bow on Minnie made by me (you know you thought it was store-bought!)

Lovely birthday girl, pre-bump

After the trauma of that event seemed to have finally worn off, on Easter she took a spill on Grandpa and Grandma's back porch step and scraped the side of her little face and landed herself a partial black eye. ACK!!!! I thought I could not take anymore of these little tumbles, and swore after that I'd keep her locked up in a padded room, but then I reminded myself that kids fall, and this was something I was just going to have to deal with and let her go through. THEN, earlier today (Friday) she took yet ANOTHER little topple when she decided it was a good idea to try and push her toy lawnmower on the back cement stoop, and when Grandpa tried to stop her, she fell over her lawnmower and landed face first onto the concrete pathway at the bottom of the stoop, DIRECTLY ON TO THE SAME PART OF HER FACE SHE SCRAPED LAST WEEKEND.


She now has quite the collection on her sweet little face, and I am almost too ashamed to take her anywhere, fearing the disdainful and scolding looks of other mothers I may cross paths with. I already did have a small incident the day after Easter when I took Lily to Target and the check-out lady decided to inquire about Lily's black-and-blue-and-scabbed face.

It went something like this:

Check-out lady: (looking at Lily in horror) gasp! What happened to her face?
Me: Oh, she had a little tumble yesterday. She's ok.
Check-out lady: What happened?
Me: (looking at her like is it really your business?) Well, she just had a little too much Easter excitement and slipped on the porch step.
Check-out lady: So she fell? (looks at me suspiciously)
Me: (quite seriously) Yes. She fell. She's ok, really.
Check-out lady: (still looking at Lily in horror) She's ok?
Me: YES.
Check-out lady: Are you sure?
Me: Do you have any children of your own?
Check-out lady: Yes, and one grandson.
Me: So, what? Did they never fall before?
Check-out lady: (silent for a moment, then-) Just be careful.

Oh, thank you so much, check-out lady. I really needed to know all that.

Current boo-boo collection

Ugh. So, I felt the need to vent a bit. The grandparents keep telling us it's normal and we can't do much about it except keep her as safe as possible, although it's inevitable she will get into little scrapes and bumps and possible injuries (I recall jumping off the swing set and breaking my right arm when I was 8).  It's part of growing up. She needs to learn how to fall down so she can pick herself back up, and all that jazz.

I'm still going to look into body padding and helmuts...

Anyhoo, does anyone else have any boo-boo tales to tell? Is there anyone out there who can make me feel less guilty? Poor thing...I just hope it doesn't get worse and worse...

And now for some Easter pics so we can end on a sweet note!

Finding her first eggs

I found 2!

Showing Daddy her eggs

Quite the haul (and part of the reason she fell down in the first place)

"There are raisins in these things?"

My pretty Easter sweetie

Have a great weekend!

( I have got to start putting more recipes on here again... )


  1. Your daughter is adorable! I love the pin the bow on Minnie - so creative. Such a good idea. I never thought to make my own birthday party games but yours turned out great.

    New follower from the blog hop :) Following on networked blogs and linkys.

  2. I love your blog concept, I need healthy recipes! I also have a daughter just a bit younger than yours (she is almost 16 months)so I'm sure they'll be a lot you write about that I can relate to.

    Stopping by from the blog hop and I am now following you. Stop by and say hi sometime!

  3. Hey Jessica! Love the Minnie Bow! Anyway sad to read about all the tumbles and falls, but as you said, it's part and parcel of life. I won't forget how I felt in the hospital when Angel slit her ear and had to suffer 5 stitches. Painful. Sure hope things are great for you now! =)


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