Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meatless Monday: Return of the Meatless Monday Recipe Link-up

Yes, that's right. I'm bringing it back. Hopefully it will be more successful this time. Hopefully I will find more time to dedicate to it. If not, well then at least I'll know I gave it a second shot!

I wasn't sure what recipe to choose for the Meatless Monday Recipe Link-up's return...What could I post to really wow everyone? What can I post that everyone will like? What can I post that even regular meat-eaters will enjoy? 

I pondered this as I went through some updates on my site, and as I was doing so, I realized I had a lot of great vegetarian recipes that I really love. Some that I make quite often, others that I only made once or twice, but would like to try again. That's when the idea struck me- post some of my favorites for those who may not have seen them! After all, I have many new followers who definitely probably didn't get a moment to go through my entire blog (yet), so wouldn't it make sense to highlight some of what I consider to be the better ones? Or, most popular ones?'s way easier than whipping up some new, amazing vegetarian entree that I don't really have time to make right now. 

Like I have mentioned, we are hosting a big family BBQ next weekend and I have been focused on cleaning the house and preparing for that. (Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to host it????). I am still taking suggestions for awesome recipes for that, btw! Link one up or tell me in the comments!

Now, without further ado, my 
Top Five Favorite Meatless Monday Recipes

I love kale. And I love feta. Finding a recipe with that combination? I was in Heaven! It's my favorite because:

  1. Kale is a superfood that is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are super good for you
  2. Feta is the best cheese ever! (in my humble opinion)
  3. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare
  4. Lily loved it too! 

These babies are always a hit when I make them. Very versatile and a great way to get the picky-eater in your life to eat their veggies. My favorite because:
  1. Very easy to make
  2. You can change up the recipe every time 
  3. Flavorful and full of veggie goodness
  4. Goes as a great side dish or main course

Mouth-wateringly delicious and perfect for those cozy days at home during sweater weather, this is one I have only made once, but I can't wait to try again. My favorite because:
  1. Full of vitamins, especially A and C
  2. Sweet and spicy- my favorite combination!
  3. Aesthetically pleasing
  4. Makes me think of being home for the holidays


I found this delightful recipe in my favorite recipe resource, Eating Well Magazine. I made them for Thanksgiving last year and I couldn't stop eating them. They are a sure crowd-pleaser. My favorite because:
  1. Sweet and savory
  2. A unique combination that really surprised me
  3. Very quick and easy to make
  4. Great for social gatherings, holidays, or just because

The. Absolute. Best. Pizza. EVER! I get excited just thinking about this's my fave because:
  1. Uses so many yummy ingredients: kale, caramelized onions, broccoli, cheese, basil...
  2. Truly made from scratch, even the dough
  3. Full of green goodness
  4. How can you beat homemade pizza?
This post also received the most views of all my posts ever, largely due to it being promoted on's Facebook and Twitter pages when it was featured as a Meatless Monday recipe using kale. A proud moment in my blogging career :)))

And one bonus...

I made this one a "bonus" because it's a new recipe I just very recently tried. I don't think I have quite perfected it (the potatoes are never quite soft enough), but it tastes so incredible, I just had to feature it. I got the original recipe it is largely based off of from My Sweet and Savory. It's a favorite because:
  1. Layered. Veggies.
  2. Introduced me to my new favorite condiment: garlic vinegar
  3. Uses fresh veggies I wouldn't normally use
  4. Fun and easy to make

So there you have it. Five Six of my best meat-free recipes for your enjoyment, and hopefully dinner. Tell me which is your favorite, and now share your own! No rules, other than please only link-up meat-free recipes. No other un-related links or I will remove them. Sorry to sound so harsh, but let's keep it true to what it is, ok?

Link up as much as you want, and feel free to spread the word with the button below. Thanks, and have a great week!



  1. Thanks for inviting me over! So which are my favorites - it's a toss up between the quiches and the corn fritters. I'm a sucker for fritters! I've linked up and I'll be back! :)

  2. I went scratching and came up with (mostly salads!) some recipes - don't want to share my SWEET stuff here.. that still on for Saturdays?
    Have a lovely day, Jessica!
    With A Blast

    1. Yes, Sweet Saturday will continue on as well. We'll be having sweets on the weekends, then back to healthy on Mondays ;) Thanks for joining us!!! Have a great day!!!

  3. Thanks for the invite! I love meatless recipes so this is a great blog hop! :)

    1. Thanks for coming! That salad looks so good!

  4. So glad you brought this party back. I have a lot of vegetarian bloggers that share on my Friday food party you should invite them to this one. I also remember that there was a place to promote meatless food parties on the official Meatless Monday site. it is on my blog's side bar.

  5. yum!!! love getting recipes here..thank you!!
    we go meatless about 3 times a week..I am always looking for ideas..thanks!!

  6. So many delicious looking recipes. The fritters and soup look very tempting.

  7. That pizza looks great! Make My Morning Blog Hop sent me!

  8. Thanks for asking me to stop by and link up, awesome blog, i am your newest follower on GFC

  9. Wow these all look great :)thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays ...

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