Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family BBQ Planning

Every summer my husband's family holds a family BBQ at one of his family member's homes. This year, we decided to host. I know- crazy, right? What was I thinking? I recently held a small Memorial Day BBQ at our home and I was stressed out, tired, and too hot the entire time. Plus, nothing was ready in time for the guests and everyone wanted hamburgers and chips instead of the healthier choices I provided. Lovely.

But, we're going through with it and planning ahead this time. I'm planning to make burgers (turkey and beef), Sangria (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), fruit salad, and some other kind of salad. This is where you, my readers, step in. I want to make something new that will really wow the crowd and appeal to everyone, whether they like to eat healthy or not. Does anyone out there have the perfect family cook-out salad for me to make?

Yes? You do? Then tell me in the comments! Link your recipe below or tell me the recipe. Feel free to email me at instead. And, if I choose your recipe, I will blog all about it next month after the big day. I'll be sure to take lots of pretty pictures too and link back to your blog, of course ;)

And, if you don't have a perfect salad recipe but you have a different recipe you think is too awesome not to share, then link that up instead!

So, let the recipe-sharing begin!


  1. aw Jess I wish I had a recipe for you but my mum makes the most delicious raw vege curry salad, okay it doesn't sound that great but it's delicious. I hope you get some yummy recipes sent your way!

  2. I have a pretty interesting fruit salad called "Not you Mother's Fruit Salad." It's strawberry, peach and basil with an orange vinaigrette. Probably not for the finicky eater.

  3. I posted some healthy salads recently, the one I liked best was the tomato-banana salad. Please do check them out!


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