Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Potty Training Blues

SO, I have been encouraging Lily to use the cute little potty I got her every since she was about 18 months old, figuring the sooner the better, right? And by starting that early, I wasn't expecting her to use it right away, I just wanted her to get familiar with it and know what it was. I got her 2 cute potty books and let her put some stickers on it and even happily watched her put her Winnie the Pooh on it when he had to go. 

Recently, when she was around 24 months, she started actually voluntarily sitting on it and even making grunting sounds to try and get herself to go. She'd even look and see if she made anything, and I thought things were going pretty well. I even got her some cute pink pull-up diapers to make practicing potty time easier. 

Then one day this past May, she finally went! Yay! I couldn't be more excited. And, I knew this didn't mean she was going to go on her potty every time from now on, but it was a big step towards her (and my) potty-trained goal. She kept practicing happily for a few weeks after that with little issue, but then all of a sudden a couple weeks ago she has now been nothing but resistant to using her potty.

Boo. I am REALLY sick of buying and changing diapers!!!

So, I tried singing a song to get her to try the potty. She screamed. I tried showing her how her dolly liked to use it. She would put dolly on, but not herself. I would, and still do, encourage her to go on every chance I get. She still defies me and her potty.

So, today I am reaching out to my mommy community asking for advice: how did you potty train your kids? Or what are you doing now to train them that seems to be working? 

I have been told repeatedly that when they're ready, they're ready, and you have to just be patient. And I am being patient; it's not like I'm punishing her or getting mad at her for not trying. Although, the other day she peed on the floor right after getting out of her bath, and after I had asked her if she needed to go potty, I got a little pissy and told her how big girls go on the potty and she needed to remember to tell mommy when she had to go.

So, I'm thinking of trying the bribery method that my mom used on me using fruit snacks as her "reward", but I really do not want to do that. I don't want her to expect a treat just for doing what's right. What can I do instead?

My most recent modus operandi was to decorate Lily's potty with stickers to hopefully make it look more appealing to her. When she first saw it, she made "ooo" and "ahh" sounds like she normally does when she likes something, but she still wouldn't sit on it. I kept trying, and yesterday I did get her on it, but perhaps the new Little Mermaid doll I gave her helped keep in her a good enough mood to attempt such a feat :)

Perhaps this is the beginning of progress in the potty-training department? I certainly hope so! Only time will tell...

But, until then, please share your advice or stories in the comments below, thanks a lot!!! Wish us luck! (just for the record, Lily is now 2 years and 4 months old).


  1. I think you have to just keep at it. I rewarded my daughter with stickers and a treat. After lots of success I started tapering back on the treats. It worked for us. I figured four days of her getting one skittle for pooping in the potty was worth it. I also blogged about our potty training experience, feel free to read our story!

    1. Thanks, Tia! I think I am going to have to start trying the treat trick whether I like it or not, because I am SO OVER diapers! I'm now following you at your lovely blog :)

  2. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I love your blog, I think you are great. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Come over and "pick up" your award. :):)

  3. I read "somewhere" that kids should be potty trained by age 3..
    I tried training her at 18 months too but she wasn't having it! So I waited till she turned 35 months.. Cutting close I know! lol
    But she took to it right away this time around and in about a week she had it down! :)
    I know its hard but sometimes we do just have to "wait"
    I was SO OVER Diapers too!!
    I'm not sure if this helped!! lol

    1. It sounds like your daughter just knew when she would be ready, luckily for you it only took a week! We are trying whatever we can, thanks for adding your two cents!!!!

  4. Hi, coming via Brooke's blog! I have two boys and they didn't get it at all till 3 yrs old; then they learned in a month! So maybe, it's just a matter of timing! Also, if they see another child doing it, that kind of inspires them more than we ever can!!

    1. Yes, that is what they tell me about them copying other kids. She's in daycare now so I am hoping that will encourage her to pick it up as well :) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Jessica, I'm sorry I can't be any help concerning potty training. I have enough trouble with my four doggies. I agree with the others that patience is required, hard as that might be. Thank you for stopping by COZY HOME SCENES and and leaving a comment about the popsicles for dogs. Your child or your animal would love them. Just don't put the rawhide bone in for her, of course. Good luck with the potty training! --------- Shannon

  6. Hi, I've been a childcare professional for 28 years and Mom to 3 sons. It's been my observations, that if you train too early it could set them back. 3 years old is a good age to start or a few months before.

    I have seen boys go into their 4th year - they hate to give up the "poop" and will be urine trained before they are bowel trained. That is the most annoying!! (yuck)

    Anyway I am your newest follower. Good luck on potty training. It's been one of the things I hated most!!!!

  7. I had a similar experience with Ava. Around 20 months she was very interested and excited, then nothing. I began to get frustrated so I decided to take a step back. I still put her on the potty when she wanted to (usually when being changed or before and after baths); she just wasn't interested enough to stop playing and "try" otherwise. Then, one day I realized it was forecasted to rain for an entire weekend and we had absolutely no reason to leave the house. I asked her if she wanted to wear underwear all day. She was very receptive. Four days of this and she was trained. We did not leave the house the entire time and it got pretty messy at times, but it worked. I put on a big show of singing and twirling and dancing with her everytime she had a success (rather than a reward), which she absolutely loved. We had a silly success song we made up (ask me about it), which I'm currently using with Angie. Ava was two years, five months to the day that weekend and that's conisdered trained early by most people. I'm hoping to try the same routine with Angelina - just waiting for that four day stretch of nothing to do! As far as pullups go, I'd stay away from them at home. Use them solely for going out (only after she is trained) and at night. Good Luck! XOXO


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