Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some Fall Fun

On Sunday, we went to a local farm area for the yearly Fall Festival. It was quite windy, but sunny and warm. We explored the gardens, Lily painted a pumpkin and made a potpurri cup, we enjoyed freshly picked apples, and hung out in a hammock. It was a nice time. 

Running to the festival

"I picked my pumpkin!"

Painting her pumpkin

This is fun!

Taking a break in the hammock while clutching her potpourri cup

A Girl Scout there with her mom had a table offering free DIY potpourri cups. Lily was instantly drawn to this table because they had markers! I don't normally let her use markers at home since she makes such a mess with them; they've been reserved for "special" occasions only. I let her have fun this time, and here's what we put together:

Potpourri Cup

Plastic cup(s)

Stickers (optional)
Foamie shapes (optional) 
Small piece of lace
Rubber band

First, decorate the cup with markers and stickers. Next, fill the cup with the potpourri. I also added a foamie dragonfly that I thought was cute to the top. Place the piece of lace on top of the cup and secure with the rubber band, then tie ribbon around it. Ta-da!

Lily's pumpkin masterpiece (she used all the paint to cover the entire pumpkin!)

Now on to another potty training update...Last night I got her to try the potty for me twice- the first time she has done so since I don't even remember when. She will sit on it if her Daddy is in there with her, but as far as Mommy is concerned, she just says "No" and runs away, screaming if I ask her twice. Maybe it had something to do with the new Ariel doll I got her...I accidentally broke her former one when draining the water out of it, and she had a mini meltdown. So, I did the right thing to do when you break someone's possession- you replace it.

Now she's asking for Flounder and Sebastian as well, so I just tell her whenever she chirps "I want Founder. I want S'bastian", that she can have them if she keeps trying potty. Now I told her if she tries to use the potty at least three times this week, we'll look into getting them; she's already tried it twice, so let's hope this keeps us. I just need to get her to start actually making something into the potty again...

Stop by Friday for this weekend's Sweet Saturday link party! Have a great day!


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