Friday, November 2, 2012

I Survived Sandy!

Hello, everyone. Most of you may not know this, but I live in part of the Tri-State area in the United States that was largely effected by hurricane Sandy this week. Although no one in my household suffered from any injury and our home did not become damaged in anyway (thank God!), we did lose power for about 3 days. Some of our food spoiled, but luckily we were prepared with plenty of non-perishables, candles, blankets, and help from our loved ones. I also had foresight enough to fill my gas tank up before it hit, unlike so many other poor people who I saw lined up around the block at the single open gas station yesterday!

The winds were howling past our windows for hours on end, with every passing moment, I feared our windows would burst and we'd be swept out like in a scene from The Wizard of Oz. It was unreal. I feel very fortunate to have come out so lucky.

Many businesses are still not open, and hospitals needed to be evacuated. Many people who I know were evacuated from their homes, and returned to something entirely different once the storm passed. Some places are still completely under water.

Sandy rolling in
Seaside Heights New Jersey may never be the same
Hoboken, NJ
Brooklyn, NY in an area where I used to live!
Many people were not as lucky as I. Many people lost everything, even in my own neighborhood! Some of my husband's family members who were living near the shore lost their homes. Our hearts are aching for everyone as we try to pull through this trying time, and assist however possible. This truly was a hurricane that will go down in history. 

Speaking on the note of those who were less fortunate, it was brought to my attention by Keren at Free Pretty Things for You that one of our fellow bloggers also living in the Sandy danger zone did not get so lucky. Andrea of The Cottage Market literally lost everything, and last I heard is still without power. Keren was kind and thoughtful enough to open up a donation collection for Andrea and her family in their time of need; you can donate here if you'd like, and remember no donation is too small. Feel free to pass this along if you are unable to donate. Some of you may know Andrea and/or her blog, so you will know she is very sweet and will accept any offering graciously.

You can also help by visiting FEMA's website. There truly are a lot of people in need right now, and I have no idea how it must feel to be in their shoes. I am just counting my blessings and am very grateful that most of my friends and family survived this completely unharmed.

Thanks or stopping by. Things should be back to normal here by next week, so stop by on Monday for another Meatless Monday recipe hop! Be well!


  1. I am glad that you and your family are ok! I was watching news about this storm at TV. Terrible.

  2. I was thinking about you up there. Glad you're all safe and thanks for posting the donation info.

  3. I am glad you are ok. Have been seeing updates on facebook from my friend who moved over there.

  4. I am so glad to hear that you made it through the storm - I will continue to pray for those less fortunate.

  5. Thank G-od you and your family are OK !:)

  6. Glad to hear you are okay! It's difficult to see those around you suffering. AND such fond locations destroyed. My sister lives in NJ and we were calling each other and texting like made last Monday went it hit.

    Take good care.


  7. Wow, crazy photos. Glad to hear that you guys made it ok! Good think you filled up your gas tank - a friend told me about how they are rationing gas in NJ and people are going crazy!


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