Friday, December 2, 2011

December's Featured Blog of the Month

It's that time of the year- the time of the year where I like to get all crafty and DIYy and dream of the day when Lily and I can get creative together (at this time, she's not even interested in coloring). Whenever I browse through the posts on Whole Child Creative Curriculum, this month's featured Up-and-Coming Blog, I always mentally bookmark the great ideas Carla has on her awesome blog. Some fun recent entries are "Owl Finger Puppets and Rhyme" which includes a link to finger puppet-making instructions and cute rhymes to sing with your little one while you put on a show, and a fun and easy way to make your own homemade piñata with the aptly titled "How to Make a Piñata".

If you have kids preschool age, this is the blog for you- it's perfect for rainy days when you're stuck in doors, or for whenever you want a fun activity for your kids that's as creative as it is educational. There are even recipes you can do with your preschooler! Since it's the holiday season, I'm betting she'll be featuring plenty of fun Christmas crafts and projects for you to enjoy with your son and/or daughter.

So, stop by and show Carla some love for her rockin' blog!

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  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for featuring me--I feel so honored!

    Your new button is super cute--Lily is so adorable!

    Carla @ Whole Child Creative Curriculum


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