Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Favorite Etsy Shops

So I missed Monday's Meatless post due to the fact that I have had my hands quite full, and I have also not been cooking like I normally do. Lately it's been pasta or steamed veggies or sandwiches...nothing too fancy. Today I hope you will be okay with my deferring to a different topic in honor of the last minute shopping season, with a listing of some of my favorite Etsy shops! They're all art and jewelry shops, but since most of my readers are women, I don't think anyone will be complaining ;) And, yes, I know! It's almost Christmas so this is a tad last minute, but some may offer expedited shipping (I believe Loxly Hollow does and Jewelry by Jessicas does!), otherwise bookmark them for another occasion, or treat yourself!

I got all the kiddies in my life a print from this lovely seller's shop. She was super helpful at assisting me in finding the perfect prints and also informed me of a sale I didn't even know she was having (and still is!) and I got 3 prints for free! When I found her shop through one of my fave blogs, Free Pretty Things for You, I fell in looove. I think you will too! I mean, how cute is this???

Australia-based Enchanted Wonderland sells super cute jewelry, many influenced by Alice in Wonderland, all with a vintage-inspired flair. They're all also sold at very affordable prices. I'm a big Hello Kitty fan myself...

This is my BFF's shop that I help her manage, and which I also added some designs to myself! Many pieces feature glass work and fancy pendants. She searches far and wide for the perfect components to her creative work, and has claimed making jewelry is the way she helps to relieve stress. You can do the same by finding something special just for you or a loved one! Here's my fave (p.s. I named and shot them all!).

Love, love, LOVE this shop! Beautiful, vintage-inspired designs, all at affordable prices. Many feature birds, flowers, and leaves, most embellished with precious pearls and stones. Here's my favorite design, although I have many!

Here's another shop of a personal friend; artist duo HOUR Inc. makes incredibly creative and vivid work, sure to make your living room, bedroom, or refrigerator come alive! Cute magnets, affordable prints, and many one-of-a-kind paintings are available, and you will also be helping out genuinely passionate artists. Picture this lovely hanging in your BFF's room.

More super cute jewelry! I love these because she creates amazingly detailed pendants that include a mini toaster (with toast!), mini sewing machine (with scissors!), mini ruby slippers, mini Hedwig (from HP) in a cage!!!! So much cuteness! My personal fave is this this bluebird locket, which, unfortunately for me, sold earlier this month, so get these sweet designs while you can!

This art is so cool, and I think all you need to see is this amazing print to understand why. 

When I first started browsing Etsy, this necklace was the first item I favorited. I just love the clean, geometrical look and the fact that she uses natural and sustainable materials. And guess what else- I just bought this for myself for Christmas! It's been a while since I treated myself, and I think I deserve it :)

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