Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Blog!

Today I would like to shamelessly promote a new blog project I'm working on with a friend that we're calling "a place for writers". Do you like to write short fiction? Are you a secret poet? Aspiring novelist or playwright? We're looking for new work from anyone who truly loves to write and would like to join our brand-spankin' new community of up-and-coming writers.

We accept all forms and styles, including poetry, ballads, fiction, non-fiction, short plays, screenplays and essays. Please send submissions to in doc format. We will also accept text or pdf, but greatly prefer doc so we can make edits and comments accordingly. We will not steal your work, if that is a concern, we want you to get the credit that's due! Please take a look at the About section for more information and the disclaimer at the end. 

The site will officially launch January 16th in honor of Edgar Allen Poe's birthday, which is on the 19th. We will be kicking the year off with Poe tributes, dark poetry, horror stories, and other macabre tidings to read. I will post about it again next Monday, so hopefully you will decide to stop by!

This Friday I'll post another bread machine recipe, so do check back! Next week stay tuned for another up-and-coming blog being featured, and remember to provide your candidates for great blogs with less than 300 followers in the comments. The only condition is that the blog be about parenting, family, health, cooking, or creativity. Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading!

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