Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freebie + Some Announcements

OK, so today's post has nothing to do with health or food, but I received this link for an adorable little owl calendar freebie and wanted to share! It's so cute! The calendar is composed of different artists' renderings of owl art, and they are all fantastic!

So, I thought: who doesn't like owls? I gotta share this! Click the button to go to the page, choose your artwork and which month, then download! So easy!

My first Meatless Monday blog hop wasn't a huge success, but I did get a few tasty new recipes to try! Take a look, and stop by next Monday with your own meat-free recipe. Maybe I'll make a button for it to help spread the word...

Speaking of spreading the word, if you haven't stopped by my new blog, The Veillee, a collaborative aspiring writer's blog created with a good friend of mine, please do. Lots of dark and spooky stuff up right now on account of last month's posts being work inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. This month we're still looking for submissions, with a suggested theme of writing about what you're passionate about, or passion in general. Doesn't need to be "sexy passion" (unless you want it be!),  just anything that drives you or a character in a story, poem, play, etc. Also, with February being Black History Month and the month of Valentine's Day, feel free to share something related to either of those themes. A poem in support of equality...divulge on your first ode to the love of your life...a tribute to an inspiring African-American person...the possibilities are endless!

I'll have another family favorite up for Friday, not sure which sure to stop by!

OH! P.S. I just found out I received a blog award from SoCalTess over at In Love by the Beach. Thanks, Tess! This is sweet and just what I needed for a burst of encouragement! Be sure to stop by her adorable blog and leave some love :)

My award! I'll be sure to pass it on in a future post, of course!


  1. oh my gosh.. i Totally need to read your blog over an over!
    you would have a heart attack with my little girls eating habits... :(
    She just holds her food in her mouth for HOURS and not swallow :(
    It horrible.

    1. I hope she outgrows it, and I also hope Lily doesn't go through a phase like that (although, don't all kids?). Thanks for stopping by and following along!!!!

  2. oh! BTW-- you should check out
    She always has amazing Meatless Recipes on Mondays too!!

  3. That is an adorable Owl calender. I feel like Owls are the new thing, they're adorable! I'm a new follower from the diva blog hop. I'm off to read more!

    1. Owls have recently become popular lately, you're right. I've seen a lot of owl jewelry and art popping up. Must have something to do with the popularity of Harry Potter and that owl book/movie franchise...what's it called again? My cousin was way into it.

      Thanks for stopping by, I will be sure to check out your blog too!

  4. Hey Jessica, thanks for popping by my blog and am glad you like reading the stuff I write! Yeah sure, it's cool if you wanna feature it and I can't be appreciative enough for that. Thanks and stay in touch, will be popping by more often!



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