Friday, February 10, 2012

Sweet Saturday Blog Hop #2

Do you love synchronicities? I do, and I just noticed I've published 70 posts (now it's 71 though) and now have 70 followers. Perhaps I should play the lotto with number 70???

I just thought that was cool and that I would share :) I hope you found it interesting too!

Anyway, I have had the longest week and just want to keep today short and sweet, hence another Sweet Saturday blog hop. Yay! It's almost my baby girl's 2nd birthday and I thought I would share some pics from her 1st birthday just for fun, and because they're sweet! I made a really sweet cake that year, and am trying to decide what to do this year. She really likes chocolate now, so I am thinking a healthy version of a chocolate strawberry shortcake. What do you think?

Getting some love from Auntie

The cake!

The decor!

The fam :)

waiting for her cake...

with her present from Grandma

Thank you, Grandma!

I'm also trying to decide what theme to use. So far these are the choices I've come up with in relation to what she's into these days:
  1. Elmo/Sesame Street
  2. Animals
  3. Mickey Mouse
  4. Dancing
  5. Cats and dogs
This year we'll be inviting a lot more people than we did last year, so I've already started planning. I just gotta send the invites and pick a theme already (I should probably choose the theme first, right?). 

If you have a sweet birthday party-related story to share from your blog, please link that up! Of course, you can link whatever you like as long as it's something sweet. It can be a blog post, an Etsy shop, your lovely website, your FB page, whatever! Link as many as you like, just don't link the same thing more than once, thanks!

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Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. What a sweet little birthday party; can you believe you're already planning the second one?! I added a post about a sugar & spice baby shower I hosted. It was pretty sweet (and spicy)! :) ~Jessica
    P.S. I am your newest follower.

  2. Aaw, how sweet.
    If you want my opinion..:) I'm no help! lol!
    I'd use Elmo while she's still young, but they are so common, just like Mickey is. I'd go with Animals (always fun for kids) or dancing!! :) It always ends up about which theme has the most available when you go shopping though. Have fun planning and at the party.

    Thanks for the link-up, now following. :) Hope to see come by

    1. "It always ends up about which theme has the most available when you go shopping though."

      Exactly! I plan on going out looking to see what kind of decorations they have available and then deciding if I like those or want to make my own (which is what I did last year and it all came out pretty nice).

      Thanks for stopping by and linking up, I will be sure to stop by Day to Day Moments!

  3. Happy birthday! She looks great too!

    1. Thanks! The big day is March 5th, party the weekend after :) (That's the plan anyway!)

  4. Beautiful post! Happy Birthday :D
    Thanks for hosting this - new follower.


  5. Hi Jessica! I love the photos! So sweet! I am a new follower via Linky Followers. Love your site! I also have a Linky Followers hop going on over at my site this weekend...feel free to stop by and gain some more followers through Linky! (I'm rather obsessed with Linky followers at the moment...I think it's fantastic!!)

    Anyway, I love your site design...the fruit is making my mouth water...I think I'm going to have to eat an orange as soon as I'm done here...LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy that beautiful little girl of yours!
    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  6. Thanks for coming by for a visit! I linked up above :)
    I like to do "original" birthday themes, at least while they are too little to really get obsessed with a certain character, haha! I did a Rock and Roll Music themed party for #1 (complete with a costume contest for everyone- adults included)because she loves music. Then for #2 I did a "Dinos and Dollies" party because those are her favorite things right now. It was fun making my own invites and cake ideas. Hopefully next year she will let me continue my fun! Good luck with whatever you choose- I'm sure she will love it!

    1. You raise some very good points, and this is why I was greatly considering the cats and dogs idea, since it doesn't involve any "characters", but Lily is so into Mickey Mouse right now and I love Disney too, so we're going to do that theme. I also have a lot of really cute ideas for it! Thanks so much for weighing in, I always appreciate other mommy's input!

      P.S. I love your idea for the Rock n Roll theme, I may use that another time!

  7. Hey Jessica! Angel just turned 2 last Nov and I had a Disney themed one for her. Not sure if you saw it on my blog, I did my own Minnie Mouse invites, party bags, hanging decor and even Minnie Mouse ears. She loved it and so did all the kids who came to my party. Oh, my friend baked a really sweet Minnie Mouse cake for her too. =) Anyway I bet yours will be a success and you'll have great fun planning, so enjoy it and good luck! P/S: She looks on cute in those pics from last year!


    1. So we decided to do the Mickey/Minnie theme too, hooray! Lily is just loooving Mickey so much right now and I got so many cute ideas after looking at your posts! I think I am probably going to use your DIY swirling mouse decorations and mouse ear headbands ideas, thanks so much for telling me!

  8. Thanks for stopping by to hop! Come back next week! Have a wonderful day! She is such a cutie!


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