Friday, February 24, 2012

Sweet Saturday with Chocolate Chia Pudding!

Wow. What a week I have had. Seriously. It was pretty bad. Lots of drama, lots of things happening coming directly out of left field. I won't get in to specifics here, since they are mainly personal matters, but I will just say we are all okay and safe and no one has gotten seriously hurt.

And chocolate is now in order.

Whenever I'm stressing or having a rough time, or whenever the crimson tide decides to roll in, chocolate is in order. And now it's Sweet Saturday, so of course chocolate is more than welcome. 

So, just moments ago, I'm in my kitchen rifling around searching for my chocolate fix. There's usually a stash somewhere, and I found it in some chocolate and peanut granola bars. I devoured one of those, but then I still felt the craving. 

I was already getting a batch of chia pudding going, because I just like to have that around ever since I discovered how truly easy it is to make. And then lightbulb! This would taste good with chocolate added to it! I had some packets of hot chocolate mix left over in the cupboard, so I mixed one of those into the bowl of seeds absorbing the new almond coconut milk I recently purchased (one of the best purchases I ever made!), and voila! Healthy chocolate heaven!

So. Good.
Super easy
swirls of powdered chocolate delight
topped with some shredded organic coconut 

This was so easy and I can't wait to let it sit over night because I am sure it will taste even better in the morning. That's right- I'm having chocolate chia seed pudding for breakfast! As I said in my last post for basic chia seed pudding (which contains instructions for making), chia seeds are a super food that pack a lot of omegas and natural energy, perfect for breakfast consumption. Now all I need is some sliced ripe banana to top this off with and it's perfect!

Now, normally it would be the blog hop part, but my Linky Tools free trial subscription just ran out and I am penny-pinching so much right now that I don't have the means to pay for it, so hopefully the hop will be back next weekend. Sorry :(

You can grab my button anyway! Spread the love that way and have a great weekend!

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  1. this gets a BIG YUM!!!!! i have to try it! thanks for sharing and if you make the pupusa's let me know : ) hugs...

  2. Stopping by from the Finally Friday Hop!

  3. This is so interesting. I have never heard of Chia before. Your babe is darling. Mommyhood is the best thing ever!


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