Monday, June 18, 2012

Allow me to be a bit political for a moment...

This is something I care deeply about, and I believe all women should. Since most of my readers are women, I want to bring your attention to this movement that is happening right now. It's a movement supporting the rights of women everywhere, and anyone can help participate. Read the link below for more info.

That's right- Vagina blogs. And, no, this is not pornographical, it's in support of women's rights over their own bodies. This movement has sprung up due to the recent debates involving female members of Congress being shunned and persecuted for speaking their minds and fighting for their right to control over their own body parts. I will let the link below (with video) speak for itself. If you have not heard about this yet, now you have, and that is enough even if you do not participate in speaking on behalf of this issue. 

Thanks for reading, and forgive me to derail you from your usually scheduled HMHB reading, but this is me (us) taking a stand for women everywhere. Women NEED access to health care that can provide them with the assistance in choices only they can make- not anyone else. You may or may not agree with prochoice, but you have to admit that things will get even messier if people are not granted access to clinics, and then have to take matters into their own hands. These clinics also provide care for women who do not have insurance and need gynecological care in order to keep their bodies healthy. Funds should not be cut to these institutions, where many dedicated medical staff work for very little or even voluntarily.

Thanks again, and please feel free to speak your mind in the comments below, or submit your blog to either of the following:

Once more, thank you for reading and I hope I did not offend anyone. If I did, then that is part of the problem that we are trying to combat. It's time to love ourselves, wholly and completely, and teach our children to do the same.

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  1. Great post and such an important topic!


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