Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happenings and Such

Once again I feel I have been slacking on my blog here. I really don't mean to, but I have had other things going on, among them, securing a new job. Yes, it's true, a new venture for me is in the works, details to follow once I feel I am officially out of the "jinx" period. I am such a huge jinx, I am almost afraid to mention that here, but I feel pretty calm and confident in allowing a hint of it at the very least.

Anyway, I have created some awesome new recipes which I will be posting very soon. A new soup for Friday and my traditional black beans bean recipe for next week's Meatless Monday. Today I just wanted to post something, and I decided to bring attention my other collaborative blog that I feel could use some love.

I posted here about it when my good friend Em and I first launched it in January this year, but since our pretty successful launch, things have gotten...a tad stale traffic-wise. We have awesome, amazing content, just not enough readers and commenters!

The Veillee is a blog we like to call "a place for writers" where aspiring authors, playwrights and poets can have their voices heard in a critically constructive setting. I love to write and so does my blogging partner Em, so we decided to create the blog when we both decided we wanted to have an outlet for own writings where others could join as well. We had quite a nice trickling of works coming in a for a while, but now our fountain of words has dried up! If you have anything you've written that you'd like to see actually published somewhere, send it to

Recently, we've had some of my short fiction about a suicidal poet featured, and today we posted a selection from a novel a friend of ours is working on. It's a really amazing fantasy written in the key of Alice in Wonderland, but definitely with the author's own voice, all set in Old San Juan.

So, if my followers here could please take a look and comment if you read something you like, it would be highly appreciated! I don't mean to shamelessly plug or beg, that's not it at all. And only comment and/or follow The Veillee along if you actually do like it. We want to keep things genuine here!

Also, I am looking for this month's Up-and-Coming Blog of the Month. I have invited a couple people to be featured, but have not heard back from either of them yet (if you are one of those people, please let me know before I make a new choice!). So, if you know a blog or have a blog that has 200 followers or less and is a family-friendly blog about food, health, crafting, family, motherhood or creativity, please recommend in the comments, thanks!

Thanks for stopping by, I promise to have some tasty new recipes and health tips up soon enough :) 

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