Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September's Up-and-Coming Blog of the Month!

This month's Up-and-Coming Blog of the Month is quite a clever one, the name alone should give you a clue: My Pinterest Reality. I first found Kimberly's blog via Simple Living's Foodie Friday recipe hop and here's the initial post that caught my attention: Accordion Potato Roast. Wow, right?! I think hers turned out better than the original pin...

Doesn't that look delicious?

Kimberly's mission is to literally make the things she pins on Pinterest "her reality". With each day and with each post, My Pinterest Reality shares with us a creative new pin- whether it be recipe, craft idea, DIY jewelry, kid's activity, or whatever captures her interest. 

Some more examples of fun posts you can find are this letter made of wine corks, this pretty wire and bead necklace, and this cute and easy to make jersey knit headband. The writing is done well, the layout is lovely, and the pics provide easy to follow visual instructions for each project.


Stop by My Pinterest Reality- you won't be disappointed! It's a great idea for a blog, and one that I know must keep Kimberly busy :)

I have some blogs in mind for the next Up-and-Coming Blog of the Month, but if you would like to nominate one, please do so in the comments. The only requirements are that the blog has 200 or less GFC followers, is continuously updated, and has to do with parenting, health, crafts, cooking, and/or creativity.


  1. Jessica thank you so much for this honor. You've made my day. I've shared the news with my readers.


  2. I love Pinterest and get so many great ideas. The potatoes look awesome!!
    I'm visiting from Gluten Free A-Z and just started following you. Great blog!


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